How Has Computer Technology Changed Over Time?

Examples of technology are cars, computers, cell phones, televisions, MP3 players, microwaves, cell phone signals, the Internet, and many others. Computers and the Internet dramatically speed up everyday thought processes allowing science, business and commerce to move much faster. The Internet also allows individuals to share their thoughts with the entire world making it a vibrant hub for social interaction. It’s no wonder that when someone mentions technology they think of some kind of electronic device. Examples include camcorders, digital cameras, DVD players, cell phone sets, laptops, personal digital assistants, spy equipment, computer software, audio and video recorders, video game consoles, wireless phones and wireless internet services.

A more common example of technology is something as common as a TV, radio or stereo system. Each one of these items has its own specific use. For instance, a TV is used primarily to watch TV programs. A stereo system helps people listen to music and so the next time they are bored, they can listen to their favorite tunes. Both types of technology allow us to experience television like we’ve never seen one before.

Digital technology is another example of how society is improving everyday. Digital technology allows for picture displays that are much clearer and more detailed than before. For instance, an image taken from a satellite photo could be displayed on a plasma screen TV. This type of image would be very difficult to see using conventional TV sets.

Another example of newer technology is cell phone technology. Today’s cell phone has hundreds of features that were only imagined a few short years ago. Features such as voice dialing and touch screens have made interacting with family members and friends a whole lot easier. Even just talking on the phone can be an interesting experience thanks to video phones that allow you to see who is calling even while you are not looking at the phone itself.

Computer technology also continues to improve and develop. There are many different types of computers ranging from laptops to desktops. Some desktops are designed for specific purposes, while others are multifunction. The most common form of computer technology is the desktop.

Gaming technology is another example of how society continues to improve. Many people love playing video games, either alone or with friends. Recently, game companies have created consoles that allow people to play these games wirelessly over the Internet. As you probably know, wireless internet is becoming more popular everywhere, including in the home. One advantage to wirelessly playing video games over the Internet is that you don’t have to worry about being bothered by other users or older children who might be watching. Video gaming is definitely the most advanced way to entertain yourself and friends.

Wireless technology is an example of technology that makes life easier for everyone. Thanks to it, washing your hands doesn’t take five minutes. You don’t have to stand by the sink and watch it get wet while you dry your hands. Instead you can wash them right away using a hand dryer, without having to move anywhere.

It is clear that there are many different ways that technology has improved over time. We cannot predict exactly what computers will look like in the future, but we can all agree that computers are becoming smaller, faster, and stronger. In fact, recently, a top engineer predict that in ten years all computers will be connected together using a common operating system. All of these examples of computer technology show just how important the technology is for our everyday lives.