A Guide to Traveling on Public Transport in Amsterdam

If you are using public transport in Amsterdam within the city and outside, the public transport card (OV-card) is used to travel on trams, subways, buses and metros. The best option for tourists is a one-day card or week card ( valid for a week to 7 days). It is also possible to use the card as a credit card. The card is available at all Amsterdam ticketing machines, at airport tourist desks and online.

The city’s public transport system is divided into two major transport operators. The main operator is the OV-service that also includes the train service. The other main operator is the red-tapas which provides ferry services along with the metro service. There are separate cards for the two operators.

The OV-card is the most convenient way of traveling in Amsterdam. The cost of the OV-card is about 50 cents which makes it a cheap way of travel. Another great thing about using the OV card is that it can be used to hop onto any of the city’s tramways and buses. For people who want to travel to other parts of the city, then it would be best to catch a ferry to the nearby islands.

A one-day public transport pass is also available from most souvenir shops and travel agents. This is the most convenient way of traveling within the city and is ideal for people who are staying for a few days. There are many destinations to choose from and with this pass you can cover several parts of the city within a single journey. The fare for this journey is about €3.20.

If you have just arrived in Amsterdam from another part of the world then you can buy tickets for the local bus or metro. If you are still at the Airport, you best option is to use schipholtaxi. This will allow you to travel within the city within a much faster time. The journey will take about an hour and after that you can head to your hotel. The journey within the city is quite interesting as there are many tourist attractions around the city. After having your fill of sightseeing, you can head back to the airport and board your flight home.

The city centre is one of the most attractive places to visit in Amsterdam. Once you have spent some time in the city centre, you should consider visiting one of the many cafes or restaurants that are lining the pedestrianised boulevards. Some of the best public transport options include the metro, trams and buses.

One of the most popular ways of travelling around Amsterdam is by taking a train or metro. There are a number of companies offering cheap train and metro tickets if you book ahead. Booking early is always the best option as it ensures that you arrive in Amsterdam at the most convenient time. Staying on the train will also allow you to travel further and you will be able to reach your hotel in the centre of the city easily.

Another good option when travelling to Amsterdam is by using the Amsterdam city card. This card, which is valid for a year, allows you to travel throughout the city as much as you like. There are no limits to the number of days you can travel for and you can pay for the entire year with one fare. The card allows unlimited travel within the airport as well as in the whole city centre. When you book your tram ticket online, it becomes easier to track down a bargain, so you can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

One of the most popular means of traveling within the city is by using public transport. Although using public transport can be expensive, there is still an option available for you to reduce your costs. If you wish to cut down on your costs when travelling within the city, you should opt for the one way day passes. One way day passes are ideal because you can use them once for one whole day and then they are valid for another single day.

Apart from using the train and tram, you can also try the bikes. There are many companies offering bikes and you can hire them for as long as you like. However, renting a bike in Amsterdam might not be the cheapest option. Instead, you should consider using the public transportation. Buses and the trams are much cheaper compared to using the bikes.

A great way of saving money is by using the metro and the bus. If you travel in the peak hours, the metro and the buses are your best options. You can also opt for the buses if you live in the inner part of the city. The only downside to using the public transport in Amsterdam is that it takes longer to get from one place to another compared to using the private transport.